Inside look at New York’s secret basement that Hitler wanted destroyed (VIDEO)

A basement buried 10 stories beneath New York’s Grand Central Terminal housed something so important that Hitler tried having it destroyed.

In 1913, after tunneling through nearly 100 feet of rock, engineers blasted out a 22,000 square foot chamber and installed nine rotary converters. The massive 15-ton transformers provided DC power to the extensive North Eastern Rail Network above, the same rail network that transported troops to the ports during WWII. When Hitler caught wind of the secret location, he came up with a plan.

Hitler believed if he could shut down New York’s rail system, he’d have a much better chance of winning the war. So he sent over two subs with two saboteurs on board. Their mission: infiltrate Grand Central Terminal and destroy the rotary converters.

The subs made it all the way to the U.S. and the saboteurs were set to descend into the hidden bunker. But at the last minute, the FBI swooped in and arrested the spies.

Hitler’s efforts were thwarted and troop movement remained on schedule.

[ Science Channel/YouTube ]

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