FPSRussia gets his .500 S&W Magnum on, yeah (VIDEO)

Well clearly sanctions have not affected FPSRussia, although to be fair he is shooting an all-American hand cannon, not a converted Saiga or somesuch.

i plead the 2ndDesigned for handgun hunters, the S&W 500 is absolutely tremendous. Easily capable of exceeding 2,000 foot-pounds of force in a compact package. While more than practical and effective for hunting, other implementations of the S&W 500 are mostly for people who love noise and hate money.

Along with this video comes the announcement that FPSRussia has just added a new T-shirt design to his online store, one that betrays his American status, an “I Plead the 2ND” tee. Just as well, now we can all share our love for the Second Amendment for just $25.


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