Meet the new 2 Vets Arms .308 Special Purpose Rifle

2va spr .380 semi-auto rifle

The 2 Vets Arms SPR in .308 for hunting and competition shooting. (Photo credit: 2VA)

2 Vets Arms, or 2VA, has recently announced a new rifle to their catalog, the 2VA .308 Special Purpose Rifle, and AR-style semi-automatic rifle chambered for .308 Winchester. The idea behind this unique rifle is to deliver the highest levels of accuracy without driving up the price or sacrificing quality.

The 2VA SPR is built on a set of matching in-house machined billet upper and lower receivers. Instead of a traditional AR charging handle the 2VA SPR has a fixed charging handle on the bolt carrier with a cutout on the upper receiver for clearance.

This simple design doubles as a forward assist and a shell deflector. Because of this 2VA can go with a slab-sided upper without an ejection port cover.

The 2VA SPR has ambidextrous charging handles as well as an ambidextrous safety selector. This is a very lefty-friendly rifle.

The rifle is built around an 18-inch 416R match-grade stainless steel barrel with Black Nitride finish. The barrel is fully-fluted, in front of and behind the gas block. This type of barrel is capable of some of the best out-of-the-box accuracy, with a better life than bare stainless steel or even chrome-lined barrels.


Scope, bipod and suppressor not included. (Photo credit: 2VA)

Every 2VA SPR is guaranteed to be a sub-MOA rifle if the shooters do their part and use appropriate ammo.

2 Vets Arms went with a single-stage Ultra Match trigger for their SPR with a break at 3.5 pounds. Additionally they opted to use anti-rotation trigger pins for the most optimal, predictable break possible.

For furniture the 2VA SPR comes with a B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo telescoping buttstock and a matching Umbrella Corporation pistol grip. These grips have a less aggressive, more vertical profile that’s increasingly popular. It’s a grip that’s comfortable for shooting standing with the stock collapsed as well as resting at a bench.

The rifle comes standard with a modular free-floating 15-inch rail, which is long enough for most shooting purposes without adding unnecessary weight at the muzzle end. Even with machined receivers the 2VA SPR is a featherweight at just 7.8 pounds unloaded.

The modular handguard can be expanded with Picatinny rail sections for use with bipods and pistol grips and other accessories.

One last thing makes the 2VA SPR really stand out: the price. This rifle lists at only $1,875, which is many hundreds of dollars less than other rifles that match it for performance. 2 Vets Arms is really pushing to make this an approachable, affordable rifle that opts for simplicity instead of unwanted features, delivering a final product that undercuts the competition without sacrificing accuracy above all.

“With sub-MOA accuracy as a starting point, blending ergonomics, adaptability and value, we feel this rifle is a can’t miss,” explains 2VA. For more information or to order head over to their SPR product page and for all other news check out their website. For everything else head over to their Facebook page.

If you’re looking to get into a bigger-bore AR platform for target or competition shooting or hunting, you ought to put the 2VA SPR on your short list. This gun shows a lot of promise at a very nice price point.

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