Tavor now Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey-compliant, sees more police adoption

iwi us tavor sar rs

IWI-US is announcing a new Tavor specifically for the Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey markets. These feature a lengthened, permanently-attached muzzle brake to meet overall length requirements.

These modified Tavor SAR RS bullpups have 18-inch barrels and still sport all the other features that have made the Tavor so popular so fast. With the muzzle brake the Tavor SAR RS has an OAL of 30 inches and comes with 10-round magazines, standard. The SAR RS will only be offered in black.

Having only been introduced to the U.S. a couple of years ago, the Tavor has captured the shooting world. Like the standard SAR the has integrated backup iron sights embedded in the flattop Picatinny rail, including a tritium-powered front sight.

It is a long-stroke piston-driven rifle with a cold hammer-forged barrel with 1-in-7 rifling and reversible controls for left-handed shooters. Combined with a left-handed bolt the rifle can be completely reversed for lefties.

The Tavor uses an AR-compatible front sight and uses AR-15/M16 magazines and is of course chambered for 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington. Although the rifles are new they already have a solid aftermarket for upgraded handguards and aftermarket triggers.

IWI-US has set the MSRP of the Tavor SAR RS at $2,049 and like with most guns, street prices ought to be less by a good amount. These rifles are already on their way to distributors and should be available immediately.


Lakewood, N.J. police. (Photo credit: the Lakewood Scoop)

IWI is also pleased to announce that the Lakewood, N.J. police department has selected the IWI Tavor SAR for their patrol rifles.

“We are very proud to have the Lakewood, N.J. police department choose to transition over to the Tavor SAR,” Michael Kassnar, IWI-US vice president in another press release.

“Since the release of the Tavor in the US market, more law enforcement agencies shown interest in replacing their standard AR models for the compact, bullpup style of the Tavor SAR. The pedigree of the Israeli Forces designed and battle-tested bullpup rifle is world renowned making it a perfect choice for law enforcement across the US.”

The Tavor has been a runaway success in the service rifle market and is beginning to gain traction in the greater domestic law enforcement sector. Recently the Pennsylvania State Capitol Police selected the Tavor for their service rifle.

Owing to its compact design, the Tavor is small enough to keep in the cabin of a squad car without needing a cut-down barrel or telescopic buttstock. The rifle can be used one-handed if necessary, a real pro for K9 units and other police who need to manage something or someone with their off hand.

The standard Tavor SAR has an MSRP of $1,999 and real-world prices around $1,700, maybe a little less. For more details and specifications about the various models of Tavor head over to the IWI-US website.

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