Testing the SIG Sauer MCX underwater (VIDEO)

Dat dubstep, tho!

I know the SIG MCX is going to be a big deal with SWAT-type law enforcement and very likely the specially-equipped units in the Armed Forces and other agencies foreign and domestic, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t take to the consumer market like a comet to dinosaurs.

“The MPX is irrefutably an awesome weapon system that is superior to existing submachine guns on the market today. What remains to be seen is if the MPX will replace the MP5 around the world and become a staple of special operations, counter-terrorism and SWAT teams. If militaries and police departments chose weapons purely based on merit, they would not find a better submachine gun than the MPX.”

“The MPX will be the MP5 of the 21st century.”

[SIG Sauer/YouTube]

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