Russian missile fail? (VIDEO)

If you’ve never been on a Udaloy-class destroyer — everyone should, I mean, treat yourself — you may have never seen this peculiar method of warfare.

It’s a you-got-missile-in-my-torpedo, no-you-got-torpedo-in-my-missile-type situation. Two great tastes that taste great together!

The destroyer launches torpedoes into the water where they surface, rocket towards their target like a missile, then drop back under water when they reach their final destination. They launch away from the ship to prevent harm to the deck and anyone on it and fly to their target because there’s less resistance going through the air. This gives them excellent range.

Also, they can pack nukes, which is, you know, terrifying.

Although some sources claim it is an RPK-2 Viyuga, it’s probably the newer, longer-range RPK-7 Veter which has been in service since 1984.

Here’s the complete tour of the destroyer — specifically the Admiral Chabanenko.

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