Why the Salvo 12 is the most important suppressor ever made (VIDEO)

Things have gotten pretty exciting lately with the announcement of the Salvo 12. Everyone, not just SilencerCo, is pretty wired about the concept of a suppressed shotgun. It’s been done before, but only by boutiques and never by anyone with the clout and standing that SilencerCo has in this industry.

SilencerCo’s rise to being number one seller of suppressors has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Founded in 2008, the company started out as a two-man operation and is now an industry leader. They’ve done by being innovative and hands-on, producing a better, longer-lasting product and focusing on marketing.

“I jumped on a plane and flew to all 39 states where silencers are legal to meet with dealers,” said Joshua Walden, one of SilencerCo’s founders, to Inc. magazine. “We ended up taking so many preorders that we sold out our first batch of 200 silencers before they had even been made. The first year, we sold 750 Sparrows. Soon after, we developed and released our next product, the Osprey, a silencer for handguns.”

A big hurdle for the company has been just getting the idea out there that suppressors are legal, helpful and attainable. They’re not taboo, they make shooting easier and safer. They’re aware that silencers have been villainized and distorted over decades of bad press, when in reality they’re just another tool in the shooting kit.

Which is why the Salvo 12 is the most important suppressor ever made.

Suppressors, legally called silencers, are fairly tightly-regulated and difficult to acquire. Until now, a lot of people, including gun owners, could justify this type of regulation.

It’s easy to write of rimfire silencers as toys, or worse still, assassin’s equipment. Big-bore cans are just ways to separate trophy hunters from their money. Suppressors for AR-15s? The most deadly combination of guns ever assembled.

But that will change with shotgun suppressors. People know that you can’t possibly make a shotgun quiet, only quieter, and that quieter shotguns mean safer shooting when busting clays and bagging more game during hunting seasons. The Salvo 12 will turn more than heads but hearts and minds.

Walden explained it in our exclusive interview. “You know, I’d sit next to someone on an airplane, or I’d meet someone at some social event, and they say ‘What do you do?’ and I’d say ‘I’m the CEO of a silencer company,’ and the first question they ask, 90 percent of the time was, ‘Do you make one for a shotgun?'”

“And you hear that 10,000 times and sooner or later you’re like, well maybe we should do the shotgun thing.”

“Once we started heading down that path it became, you know, far more exciting than I ever thought it would be.”

“Really what we wanted to do with SilencerCo from the beginning — the inception of the company — was to mainstream silencers.”

And the Salvo 12 has the most potential of any product to change how Americans see them. The rest of the world sees silencers as the safety devices they are, where they’re called mufflers or moderators. Even in places where gun ownership is restricted and reserved for a privileged few suppressors are common and unregulated.

That’s the real power of the Salvo 12. Its appeal to shooters of all stripes. If you’re a shotgunner, it’s time to make your acquaintance with the Salvo 12.

It is SilencerCo’s boldest product. Suppressing a shotgun is no small feat, yet somehow SilencerCo has managed to pull it off. The Salvo 12 is the first commercially-viable shotgun suppressor on the market.

SilencerCo has put together this video that goes into more detail about how the Salvo 12 functions. It uses a clever system of internal guide rods that channel the shot to the end of the suppressor, preventing the cup or wad from getting caught in the baffle stack.

This is not a simple device. It is completely modular and can be broken down by section, and re-configured with some or all of the baffles to assemble a short, light suppressor or a more noise-reducing, longer and heavier suppressor.

The rear cap is designed to attach onto threaded choke adapters, and SilencerCo makes adapters for Remington and Mossberg shotguns as well as Benelli, Browning, FN America and Weatherby shotguns.

With the suppressor threaded onto the adapter the user indexes it so that the expansion chambers hang down in front of the magazine tube. This asymmetrical design leaves doesn’t obscure the end of the barrel and lets shooter use their existing shotgun sights without resorting to raised optics and cheekpieces.

Once the silencer is aligned right it’s locked in place with a castle nut.

Then all you need to do is start shooting.

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