Nothing gets you red flagged quicker than pointing a gun at a cat (VIDEO) WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

A Florida man is being investigated by police and animal rights groups for posting a picture of himself on Facebook pointing a gun at a cat — and dog and himself.

When the Charlotte County Sheriff’s office and Animal Welfare League saw the Facebook photo of Thomas Mcguinnes pointing a gun at a cat’s head, they were instantly enraged. 

Further fanning the flames, Mcguinnes captioned the photo, “Don’t know why everybody so mad about a cat we only shot twice.”

Authorities quickly began investigating whether or not Mcguinnes killed the cat or not. Additionally, the animal welfare group began raising awareness of the photo.

According to local media, since the investigation began, Mcguinnes has been in contact with the sheriff’s office and also taken the photo down.

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