Man tells armed robber he’ll get the cash, returns with club instead

An Indiana man gained the upper hand on an armed robber Tuesday morning when he ultimately beat the robber with a club.

The victim was pumping gas at an Evansville gas station when James Worthington, 50, pedaled over to him on a bicycle. Worthington pulled a gun and demanded money, WFIE reports.

When the victim said he didn’t have any money, Worthington shoved a gun in his face. The victim then “remembered” he had a $20 bill in his truck and leaned in to the cab to retrieve it. When he came back out, he was armed with a club.

After being pummeled by the victim, Worthington hopped back on his bicycle and pedaled away. Evansville police spotted him shortly after and he was arrested and transported to an area hospital to be treated for his wounds. The victim sustained no injuries.

Upon arrest, police discovered the gun Worthington used during the attempted robbery was in fact a BB gun.

Worthington was charged with attempted robbery with a firearm, pointing a handgun, and resisting law enforcement.

[ WFIE ]

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