Chrome shark guns pack a mean bite (5 pics)

Artist and sculptor Christopher Schulz combined firearms and sharks to create beautiful chrome shark guns.

Schulz wanted to weaponize sea life to illustrate how simply seeing a particular object can illicit fear, Super Compressor reports.

“Most of these subconscious emotions come from misinformation or a prescribed reaction,” Schulz said. “A reality is that neither one are worthy of such a label as ‘killer,’ but when the human element is added, unpredictability becomes a threat.”

The custom creations sell for between $4000 to $42,000, depending on the edition, and have been sold to clients around the world.


The custom chrome shark guns sell for up to $42,000 each.


The artist combined two potentially lethal objects to create one beautiful series.


The sculptures are made from marine-grade stainless steel and are mounted on a transparent lucite case.


The art is meant to demonstrate how the human element has an impact on the lethality of the two “killers.”


If rifles aren’t you’re thing, there are also chrome pistols.

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