Crimson Trace announcing green laser sight for M&P Shield


Crimson Trace’s bright green light lasers can be seen under all lighting conditions. (Photo credit: CT)

Crimson Trace is moving forward with a new laser sight for the M&P Shield. A Laserguard, this sigh mounts a laser onto the frame of the gun over the trigger guard placing the activation switch right on the grip’s frontstrap.

Crimson Trace calls it the “Instinctive Activation” activation switch and turning on the laser sight is as intuitive as gripping the gun, as opposed to other laser sights that are activated by pressing a button in front of the trigger guard with an index finger.

The sight — model LG-489G — uses Crimson Trace’s newest green light laser technology and adds almost no weight or bulk to the already light and compact M&P Shield. Additionally the sight is scalloped to match the Shield’s fishscale slide serrations.

Green light laser sights are quickly gaining traction in the laser sight market. They are far more visible in all lighting conditions especially bright daylight which can wash out red light lasers.

They do consume a little more power and don’t have quite the same battery life but that’s such a big deal outside of training. Many people have come to prefer the increased brightness in real-world shooting scenarios over better battery performance at the range.

As with all Crimson Trace sights it comes with free batteries for life. All Crimson Trace owners can register to receive a free set of replacement batteries every year.

The M&P Shield Laserguard runs off One 1/3N lithium or two 357 silver oxide batteries and has a runtime of about two hours on fresh set.

Holsters for Laserguard-equipped Shield pistols are already available to complete the package. The laser sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and is factory-sighted at 50 yards.


The red light model is runs $60 less and has a slightly longer batter life. (Photo credit: CT)

The laser sight is priced in line with other Crimson Trace green light lasers and has an MSRP of $299. When it hits the street pricing should be around $250.

The LG-489G is compatible with all models of M&P Shield concealed-carry pistols, in 9mm and .40 S&W.

If you’re thinking about putting a laser sight on your M&P Shield, you definitely want to check out the LG-489G. If you like the idea of a laser sight but want something a little less expensive and with a better batter life check out the red light Laserguard for the M&P Shield.

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