Google Street View captures police chase (6 pics)

Google’s Street View cameras snapped a series of photos as Serbian police chased down and apprehended a pair of robbers last year.

The two thieves tried robbing a jewelry store but were interrupted after police caught them in the act. But the police weren’t the only ones watching. Google had its eyes on them too, Daily Mail reports.


Google Street View captured Serbian police as they chased down and arrested two students who tried to rob a jewelry store.


The suspects fled on foot.


They tried disappearing around the corner, but Google Street View still had its eyes on them.


Police gave chase on foot.


Spectators watched as the chase unfolded.


Police caught the crooks and arrested them.

Police gave chase and eventually caught the two men, and Google Street View caught the entire incident.

But this isn’t the first time the global service has spotted crooks before. Several years back, two armed robbers were photographed just moments before breaking into a home and holding a woman at gunpoint.

[ Daily Mail ]

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