The Savage Stevens 555 entry-level over-under now available


A closeup of the action and woodwork. (Photo credit: Savage)

Savage is pleased to announced the availability of its new model 555 over-under, double-barrel shotgun. This lightweight gun is ready to go for shotgun games and putting dinner on the table.

The 555 is a budget-minded Stevens model with an eye towards simplicity in order to hit a price point that’s almost unmatched in the arena of over-unders.

Offered in 12- and 20-gauge, the Steven 555 has an MSRP of just $692. Real-world prices are in the mid-$500s making it a solid option for beginners or anyone with a limited allowance.

Included with every Stevens 555 are five interchangeable choke tubes to suit all shooting needs.

The Stevens 555 is built on a lightweight aluminum receiver that’s scaled to match the caliber to keep bulk down and maximize handling. The receiver has a steel-reinforced breech to make it run shot after shot of 2.75 or 3-inch loads.


The 555 in action. (Photo credit: Savage)

The chrome-lined barrels measure in at 28 inches for the 12-gauge model and 26 inches for the 20-gauge. They’re very light shotguns at 6 pounds for the 12-gauge and 5.5 pounds for the 20.

Every 555 is made with a Turkish walnut buttstock and forend. The wood is finely checkered along the gripping surface for enhanced traction. The model 555 also uses a manual tang-mounted safety, shell extractors and has a single, selective trigger.

If you’re on the market for an entry-level over-under for birds or clays you might be interested in the Savage Stevens model 555. More details about this shotgun and other Savage and Stevens guns can be found over on the Savage Arms website.

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