90-year-old great grandma and her 12-gauge holds police at bay for hours (VIDEO)

After threatening a construction worker with her shotgun, a 90-year-old Texas woman had an hours-long standoff with a responding police and SWAT team.

Eleouise Adcock pointed her shotgun at construction workers who were excavating dirt behind her Channelview home. When a SWAT team showed up, Adcock simply sat on her front porch, holding the weapon in her lap. She was finally apprehended after keeping police at bay for more than four hours, KPRC reports.

Adcock has lived on riverfront property for over 40 years. Recently, however, a marine towing company has been buying up and tearing down adjacent properties. When the construction workers began digging behind her home, Adcock had had enough.

“They told us she has pointed weapons at them before,” said Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Gilliland. “They didn’t tell anyone about it the first few times. This time they felt she was much more angry about them being here working and excavating the dirt.”

One of the construction workers called 911 and as one sergeant talked with Adcock as she sat on her front porch, the SWAT team surrounded her home. After nearly four hours, Adcock was finally convinced to surrender.

“She talked for a little while, she came and went back into the home, came back outside and at that point she put the shotgun down,” Gilliland said.

The SWAT team moved in and arrested Adcock without incident. She was transported to an area hospital to be given a psychological evaluation.

[ KPRC ]

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