Cabela’s exclusive 'Desert Eagle 1911' featuring Turnbull case hardening

Desert Eagle 1911

The new case-hardened Desert Eagle 1911 (Photo credit: MRI)

U.S.A. based, Magnum Research, Inc. is teaming up again with Cabela’s to offer four exclusive new designs for its line-up of Desert Eagle-branded 1911 pistols. With the help of Turnbull they’re offering some very pretty handguns.

Despite a few tweaks here and there they stick the the basic traditional design and all these new models are chambered for .45 ACP.

The first two models are the  full-size G and compact C pistols — model numbers DE1911GSBCAB and DE1911CSBCAB. They’re built on cast, machined carbon steel frames and the slides are machined from solid billets of steel and given matte black finish.

desert eagle with cerakote finish

With a Cerakote-finished frame. (Photo credit: MRI)

These exclusives come with a high quality ceramic Cerakote coating with black controls with aluminum  triggers and polished steel beavertail safeties. The hammers and triggers are skeletonized.

The MSRP on both models is $948. Cabela’s currently has them listed on sale for just $899.

The other pair of new guns, also G and C models, are sure to turn a few heads.

Although the slide and barrel assembly are standard, with the satin black blued finish, the frame is sent off to Turnbull Manufacturing for a beautiful and unique bone charcoal case-hardened finish.

Like the Cerakote models these are fit with a matte black safety, extended magazine release and takedown lever, an aluminum trigger, polished beavertail safety.

The case-hardened models are priced at $1,120 and they are listed at $1099 — no doubt a little more expensive than many 1911 options but a far cry from a complete Turnbull 1911.

These Cabela’s exclusives all come with traditional diamond checkered hardwood grips and stainless steel grip screws.

Desert Eagle compacts are somewhat larger than your average Commander with 4.3-inch frames and full-size grips with eight-round magazines. These Desert Eagle 1911s also happen to have low-profile dovetailed sights. The full-size G models use the same eight-round mags and have standard 5-inch barrels.

They’re lighter than average at 36 ounces and 34 ounces for the G and C models, respectively. They use a full-length steel guide rods and are built with lowered ejection ports for enhanced extraction.

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