Jerry makes the impossible possible: 9mm at 1000 yards (VIDEO)

Jerry Miculek, not doing his reputation as a ninja cyborg assassin from the future any good with this one. One hundred and fifty feet of holdover was necessary to ring steel at 1,000 with a handgun.

Judging from the splat on the target I think it’s safe to assume that the shrapnel popped that balloon but just ringing steel at that distance is a feat by itself. Of course it didn’t hurt to use that particular handgun. The Model 929, chambered for 9mm Parabellum, has a 6.5-inch barrel to wring as many FPS out of powder as possible.

So tell us, Jerry, how long does it take to recharge at night? Have you considered switching to alternate fuels like hydrogen so that you can run around the clock? What batteries taste the best?


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