Hornady Zombie Max 7.62x39 ballistics and deconstruction (VIDEO)

Hornady Zombie Max may sell for gimmicky reasons but the ammo isn’t a gimmick at all. It’s serious stuff and if you’re in the market for solid hunting or hollow points for training don’t think twice about picking up some day-glo greentips.

And even if you had to, in a pinch, use it for self-defense you know it will still be effective. There will always be people who will tell you don’t use anything zombie-themed for personal defense, but if it’s all you have, at least you know it will work.

There were several months where these Z-Max bullets were the only ones on shelves. And this video settles it: these are V-Max bullets with green tips, and that is the only difference.

[The Ammo Channel/YouTube]

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