Cartoon swaps Trayvon for Obama, Zimmerman for impeachment


The cartoon has been labeled “racist” by many, and has been largely criticized.

Cartoonist Clay Bennett with the Chattanooga Times Free Press has incited public outcry with a recent drawing depicting Trayvon Martin as President Obama, and George Zimmerman as impeachment.

The Washington Post News Media tweeted the cartoon, and from there, the commenters took care of the rest.

“Barnett’s disgusting, beyond-the-pale cartoons have caused many to cancel their @TimesFreePress subscription. Embarrasing,” tweeted Susan O’Bryant.

“@WPNMS Too Funny since the only ones talking impeachment are liberals this past week so I guess Clay is calling liberals racists,” tweeted Edwin Clark.

While Twitter user Rusty Shackleford sums up the cartoon in one word, “Racist!”

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