Professor explains best way to 'deal' with open carry activists: ignore them (VIDEO)

A philosophy professor said the best way to respond to seeing someone openly carrying a firearm is to simply walk away.

Professor Jack Russell Weinstein, who is also the director of the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life at the University of North Dakota, reasons it’s impossible to know whether or not those openly carrying firearms are “good guys” or “bad guys,” adding the most appropriate response is to stop what you are doing and leave, PQED reported.

“It is rational to be afraid of someone with a weapon, especially if you know nothing about them,” Weinstein said.

Weinstein said open carry activists “want to be celebrities, heroes and the centers of attention,” adding the best way to give them what they want is to “run like hell.”

My proposal is as follows: we should all leave. Immediately. Leave the food on the table in the restaurant. Leave the groceries in the car, in the aisle. Stop talking or engaging in the exchange. Just leave, unceremoniously, and fast.

But here is the key part: don’t pay. Stopping to pay in the presence of a person with a gun means risking your and your loved ones’ lives; money shouldn’t trump this. It doesn’t matter if you ate the meal. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just received food from the deli counter that can’t be resold. It doesn’t matter if you just got a haircut. Leave. If the business loses money, so be it. They can make the activists pay.

[ PQED ]

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