Reporter discovers how Hamas assembles, fires rockets from Gaza (VIDEO)

A reporter in a Gaza hotel stumbled upon several suspected Hamas militants assembling and then later fired a rocket from beneath a tent Monday.

Sreenivasan Jain was in his hotel room when from his window he spotted several men putting together a blue-top tent. A day later, the tent was taken down and a rocket was fired just moments before the 72-hour ceasefire was called between Hamas and Israel, NDTV reports.

Jain said he also heard a rocket launch from the same area the first night he checked into his hotel, adding that many from the nearby residential area were evacuated.

“The first night that we came here, we did see, or hear, a rocket go off exactly at that plot of land,” Jain said. “The hotels opposite us were evacuated because the Israelis sent a warning that there might be a strike on them.”

Jain believes he may have discovered one of Hamas’ methods of constructing and detonating rockets without being detected by Israel.

[ NDTV/YouTube ]

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