Suspect in custody fatally shoots himself inside police station (VIDEO)

A man brought into the Baltimore police station for questioning managed to sneak a gun past the police and fatally shoot himself Tuesday.

Tyree Woodson, 38, was suspected of attempted murder and gang affiliation charges. The Warrant Apprehension Task Force brought Woodson in and once he was inside the station, he turned a hidden gun on himself, WBAL-TV reports.

While the Baltimore police station doesn’t have any metal detectors inside, suspects and potential suspects are supposed to be patted down prior to entering, and Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez isn’t certain that procedure was followed.

“We clearly have a lot of questions about how this could have transpired,” Rodriguez said.

Once Woodson was inside the station he went into one of the bathroom stalls and fired one round.

“The individual asked to go to the restroom, he was escorted to the restroom, the individual went into one of our bathroom stalls, at which time, a round was fired from within the stall,” Rodriguez said. “We don’t know how the weapon made its way into the police station, let alone into the bathroom. We need to find that out. We do know that it was not our weapon.”

Woodson has a violent past with multiple gang related arrests and Rodriguez said he’s just happy the criminal didn’t try to hurt anyone else.

“I am very grateful that this individual elected to use that weapon on himself and not to engage any other officers or civilians that may have been inside the police station,” Rodriguez said.


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