Now you can add a SIG brace to your Kriss Pistol (2 PHOTOS)

kriss ar buffer tube adapter

Thanks to this little guy, it will soon be possible to use AR-15 buttstocks and pistol braces on Kriss Vector pistols and carbines. Oh yes, it will be fine.

The adapter simply replaces the folding stock or sling point, depending on what model Vector you have, and is threaded to accept AR-15 buffer tubes. The adapter does not fold but in conjunction with a folding stock adapter, like the Law Tactical stock adapter (or some cheap Chinese parts off eBay) you could easily turn the buffer tube into a little storage space for spare batteries,  a little emergency kit or a greased-up Boresnake.

Of course, you don’t have to use it with pistol buffers and a SIG brace if you have a carbine or have it registered as an SBR.

Here’s what a nice two-stamper could look like:

kriss ar buffer tube adapter (2)


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