Car thief jams out to ‘Best Day of My Life’ while boosting bait car (VIDEO)

A New Mexico car thief thought it was the best day of his life Friday, but quickly found out nearby police had a different plan for him.

Police planted a bait car in Southeast Albuquerque and Drew Mayo, 21, fell for the trap hook, line and sinker. As he was driving away he happily sang along to “Best Day of My Life,” but moments later, police remotely stopped the vehicle and arrested him, KOAT reports.

Lt. Paul Szych agreed that it was “absolutely not” Mayo’s best day, and said he’ll likely regret his decision to steal.

“It seems this individual made a bad choice, and did something I’m sure they now regret,” Szych said.

The Bait Car Program has been with success in the past, and Szych says it can teach criminals a valuable lesson.

“If we can take programs such as this to deter individuals from stealing vehicles, that’s mission critical for us,” Szych said. “The deterrent is just as important as the apprehension.”

[ KOAT ]

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