Meet the new Magpul AFG and RVG M-Lok rails

magpul m-lok afg rail

magpul m-lock afg rail attached

magpul m-lok rvg rail

magpul m-lok rvg rail attached

Magpul is debuting their new AGF-2 M-Lok and RVG M-Lok Adapter Rails. Both are polymer rails priced under $9 and allow users to mount their foregrips to their new M-Lok-equipped handguards.

The new mounting standard was launched earlier this year on the heels of Vltor’s wildly successful KeyMod open-source mounting standard. Both are lightweight mounting systems that use negative space that use less material than Picatinny rails and provide a more comfortable grip surface.

Magpul’s new MOE-SL handguards also use the new M-Lok standard.

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