Girl, 10, finds loaded gun while playing on beach (VIDEO)

A 10-year-old girl was looking for seashells, but found a loaded firearm instead while playing on Coney Island Monday evening.

The young girl found the 9mm pistol under nearly 2 feet of water. Her mother took the gun to a lifeguard and local police later confiscated the weapon, NBC New York reports.

The pistol, which had only one round inside, was filled with sand and fused together. It had to be cut into pieces before it was deemed safe to handle.

Many local beach-goers were upset to learn to a firearm was found on the beach.

“You can’t even have fun with your kids when something like this happens,” said Aikeem Stoney of East New York.”

“They need to maybe, before everybody comes on, just do a thorough check behind the bleachers and everything, on the sand, because other kids are out there,” said another beach-goer. “I’m just so glad the child didn’t get hurt.”

[ NBC New York ]

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