Smith & Wesson releases M&P22 Compact

m&p22 compact

A familiar face now chambered for .22 Long Rifle. (Photo: S&W)

Smith & Wesson is following up on its popular .22-caliber M&P22 with a smaller M&P22 Compact. And even as .22 is still in high demand, so will be this addition to the M&P-series of pistols.

To make sure every new M&P22 Compact owner has ammo to shoot with their new rimfire pistol, Smith & Wesson will include a promo code that customers can redeem for 222 rounds of Winchester .22 with every M&P22 Compact sold through to the very end of the year — Dec. 31.


Each pistol comes with a coupon for a free 222-round box of Winchester M&P .22 Long Rifle ammo. (Photo: S&W)

“The new M&P22 Compact gives consumers the opportunity to own and experience a unique tactical sporting pistol engineered with premium features that have made the M&P line of handguns a leading standard in the shooting sports.” said James Debney, president and CEO in a press release. “Target shooters, recreational shooting enthusiasts or anyone looking to add more excitement to their shooting experience can now enjoy a compact .22 LR semi-automatic pistol with all the adaptability and versatility that are synonymous with the M&P brand.”

Made entirely in the U.S. by Smith & Wesson, the M&P22 Compact is roughly 15 percent smaller than the full-size M&P pistols, designed to be easy to shoot and easy to carry. Smith & Wesson wants this pistol to be your range toy, your tactical training pistol and your plinker when you’re out in the wide open.

The trigger is intended to replicate the trigger on new-production centerfire M&P pistols. Smith & Wesson rates it as having a 5.8-pound pull.

The main focus in developing the M&P22 Compact has been reliability and flexibility. Like centerfire M&P pistols, the M&P22 Compact is friendly to left- and right-handed shooters with ambidextrous controls and a reversible magazine release. The pistol has a manual safety, which is pretty common to rimfire pistols.

The M&P22 Compact is equipped with a standard railed dust cover for accessories and Smith & Wesson has pointed out as being compatible with lights and laser sights from companies including Crimson Trace, Laserlyte, LaserMax, Streamlight, and UM Tactical.

S&W M&P 22 Compact with a CT Rail Master

Shown here with a Crimson Trace Rail Master. These are available with red or green light diodes. For more about these laser sights visit Crimson Trace. (Photo: C.T.)

Another feature is the threaded 3/8 inch x 24 barrel for use with adapters for people who prefer to plink quietly that’s protected with an included muzzle cap. Every M&P22 Compact comes with two 10-round magazines, which is standard for most .22 pistols.

One nice touch is that this pistol comes with adjustable 3-dot sights, standard. This lets users tune their sight picture to match their favorite loads, which can vary by quite a bit when it comes to rimfire ammo.

Other specifications include an overall length of 6.6 inches including the 3.6-inch barrel and a width of 1.5 inches at the widest. The pistol weighs just 15.3 ounces making it one of the lightest .22s out there. The carbon steel barrel is shrouded by an aluminum alloy slide, part of what makes the gun such a featherweight. Like the centerfire models, the M&P22 Compact is built on a composite polymer frame.

With an MSRP of $389 and a street price that’s likely to be somewhere in the $300 to $350 range, this is one M&P pistol that’s too much fun to pass up. Besides, it’s one of the easiest ways to find .22 going on. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated trainer, a small .22 to introduce novices to the shooting sports or just want a fun little rimfire pistol you might want to add the new M&P22 Compact to your options.

For more details and specifications or to redeem your coupon for 222 rounds of Winchester ammunition, head over to the M&P22 Compact promo page.

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