Cop clings to hood of car as motorist speeds away (VIDEO)

An police officer in Chandigarh, India, clung to the hood of a car after one motorist sped off in the middle of a traffic stop Sunday evening.

Motorist Matka Chowk drove off with traffic constable Davinder Singh still on the hood. Singh bashed in the windshield with his helmet and Chowk was forced to slow down, but the officer eventually fell from the vehicle.

Singh suffered serious injuries and was transported to the Government Multi-Specialty Hospital.

Chowk was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

According to a senior police official, this isn’t the first time a police officer has nearly been run over.

“In recent months, we have seen several incidents of policemen being dragged and hit by motorists when they were stopped for traffic violations,” the officer said.

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