Demi Moore gives daughter gun-shaped birthday cake

Rumer Willis

“Best birthday cake ever. Thank you mama for making this day do [sic] special,” said Rumer Willis.

Rumer Willis shared a photo of her birthday cake on Instagram over the weekend, along with a sweet message to her mama thanking her for the special design.

Fitting for a millennial, who are being called the nicest and smartest generation, she documented her life via social media. But since she’s the daughter of mega-celebs Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and a celebrity in her own right, and shared a brief moment of quotidian intimacy, entertainment (and industry and political) rags took notice.

While the shape of the cake is a loaded symbol, it’s mixed how people have interpreted it: positive, negative or devoid of any meaning. Whether or not the cake itself is a message is anyone’s guess as it isn’t important enough to launch a full-fledged investigation or ask Rumer directly. Until Rumer speaks openly about the birthday cake of her 26th year, we’ll have to interpret the gesture on our own, giving just enough time to project our own ideals, restoring balance in our lives and validation to our beliefs.

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