Mr. Sprave's new mini slingshot and magazine-fed crossbows (VIDEO)

This little mini-slingshot looks like a lot of fun. Something like that would be nice to pocket before going camping or something just to practice your slingshot skills with rocks or pebbles.


Dictionary, please, I know how to spell Laphroaig without help.

It’s probably not adequate for anything practical except maybe small game-hunting, even then, ideally with arrows which means suddenly you’re packing a bunch of arrows and that means you could go up a size or two with your arrow delivery system.

Mag-fed crossbows on the other hand, are cool no matter what.

But I’m sorry, did he just knock the Laphroaig? He might make a fine slingshot but Joerg Sprave can have all the sugary-ass Liebfraumilch and Spätlese his Fritz liver can withstand — leave the good stuff for people who can appreciate it.

You know what Scotch pairs best with a fresh hot currywurst?

None of them, pshaw.

[Joerg Sprave/YouTube]

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