Hacked EOTech with custom reticle (VIDEO)

If this isn’t the coolest Arduino project ever … but we might be biased.

This is an EOTech that’s been hacked with a custom OLED display by Thomas Söderlund who shared it with the fine folks at The Firearm Blog with a brief explanation of how it works.

Don’t worry, the original holographic sight was already damaged so it’s not like this feat destroyed a perfectly fine red dot in the process. Even he did, though, this proof-of-concept shows a ton of promise and you gotta break eggs if you want omelets of progress. Promelets? Omgress?

It was built using a Arduino Pro Mini (about $7 on Amazon), a small variant of the popular Arduino micro controller board, which was squeezed into the battery compartment. The Arduino was wired to the EOTech’s switches and to a cheap I2C OLED display (about $5, search eBay for ‘i2c oled’). The OLED display replaces the laser module to provide the HUD/reticle. One neat advantage of using the OLED is that the HUD can extend ‘beyond’ the users field of view, allowing the user to look through the scope at an angle and see additional information.”

The extra reticle space could be used for anything. Shot timer, ammo counter, GPS info … in a way, Söderlund’s possibly giving us a glimpse at the future of the red dot scope.

The only shortcoming so far is that the screen is not bright enough for use in sunlight. But something tells us that in time, that’ll be a non-issue.

[Thomas Söderlund/YouTube]

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