U.S. Coast Guard chases down smugglers, seize 900 pounds of marijuana (VIDEO)

The U.S. Coast Guard seized 900 pounds of marijuana Saturday after chasing down a go-fast boat near Haiti.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection aircraft first spotted the vessel Tuesday near Cap du Mole. After conducting an investigation, the Coast Guard moved in on the go-fast boat and while they weren’t able to apprehend the suspects, they did manage to recover their cargo.

“The crew chased the go-fast, but were not able to stop the boat,” Chief Petty Officer Ryan Doss, U.S. Coast Guard, said.

As soon as the smugglers realized they were being pursued, they dumped their marijuana into the ocean and kicked the boat into high gear. Although the Coast Guard tried to keep up, the multiple engine watercraft successfully raced away.

“It is always a challenge, but we definitely have the capability to stop them,” Doss said. “But in this particular case it just did not work out, and we were not able to stop them.”

[ Miami Herald ]

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