Witness shoots out tires as drunk driver tries to run him over (VIDEO)

A Florida drunk driver found himself riding on rims after one sharp-shooting witness blew out his tires Monday night.

After a long day of drinking and getting tattooed at a friend’s house in Lake Worth, Guilibaldo Gonzalez-Lopez got behind the wheel of his Hummer. He began driving erratically and even tried running people over, but one witness made sure he didn’t get very far, Sun-Sentinel reports.

Filled with tequila, Gonzalez-Lopez started driving around on the witness’ lawn. The witness grabbed his gun and fired a single shot, hitting the front passenger-side tire.

Gonzalez-Lopez, undeterred, continued driving and tried running over one man before veering towards the witness. But the witness fired again, this time hitting the rear passenger tire.

Gonzalez-Lopez managed to drive away, but police quickly caught up with him. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and driving under the influence.

[ Sun-Sentinel ]

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