Home invader holds 94-year-old man at gunpoint, showers and shaves in his house

A New Mexico robber invaded a 94-year-old man’s home, showered, shaved and stole his clothes, all while holding the victim at gunpoint Wednesday morning.

Glen Miller, 94, woke up to seeing Rudy Chavez, 43, hovering above him. Chavez shoved a gun in the victim’s face, grabbed his arm, and marched him from room to room in search for items to steal. After Chavez had taken what he wanted he used Miller’s shower and razor, but he also left something behind: his fingerprints, the Albuquerque Journal reports.

Miller tried calling police during the robbery, but Chavez took the phone away and assaulted him. So Miller decided to strike up a conversation and discovered Chavez was committing the crime because he had just been released from prison and couldn’t find work.

After Chavez finished showering, he dressed himself in Miller’s clothes and made off with the victim’s television, cash and even his car.

With Chavez gone, Miller could finally call police. Albuquerque Police Lt. Paul Szych said investigators wasted no time getting on the case and immediately began processing the fingerprints left behind on the razor and bottle of mouthwash, even though it was after-hours.

Investigators found a match and Chavez, who had two outstanding felony warrants, was promptly arrested.

“It certainly benefited us in this case,” Szych said of Chavez’s shave and shower. “It gave us an enhanced opportunity to identify him and subsequently arrest him. That was a key component to the case.”

[Albuquerque Journal ]

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