Pierce Brosnan and Jimmy Fallon face off in a round of 'GoldenEye' (VIDEO)

While he probably just intended to promote his upcoming film “The November Man,” host Jimmy Fallon had another objective in mind: play a round of “GoldenEye 64,” which is without a doubt one of the biggest and best Nintendo 64 games ever made, defining a genre and paving the way for future console-based first-person shooters. It was so successful it’s been ported to modern gaming engines.

It also starred one Brosnan-era James Bond. Being a fan, Fallon gets his wish to face off with the main character’s real-world counterpart in this clip.

You know, in a certain light, the video game could be considered better than the movie. It definitely got more screen time. Come to think of it, the whole Brosnan-era Bond was so over-the-top it took a reboot to bring the series back to life — not that it was Brosnan’s fault or anything, he’s still a favorite flavor of Bond.

It’s just, when you take a close look at “GoldenEye” the movie, it has some … flaws.

Here’s “Everything wrong with ‘GoldenEye’ in 14 minutes or less” by CinemaSins. Brace yourself.

[The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]

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