Some one-on-one time with the Chiappa Triple Threat (VIDEO)

If you’re at all interested in the Chiappa Triple Threat or other triple-barreled 12-gauge shotguns then you’ll enjoy this. We love hickok45 plenty but his videos normally fall into the entertainment category; this video goes into a lot more detail than usual and is much more informative.

Chiappa’s triple guns have a certain level of market appeal, but probably not hunters who want a shotgun that can easily switch between three different loads, because you can’t select which barrel fires first, and it probably doesn’t appeal to people looking for a practical home-defense gun, either.

Let’s face it, for the price of one Triple Threat you can get an AR, double-stack handgun and have plenty left over for ammo and be far more prepared in a self-defense situation. Between the low capacity, high recoil and awkward reloads there are clearly better options out there.

These guns are for people who want an oddity, people who want to get in on this action:


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