Indiana teen gets 65 years for killing 3 kids by shooting flare into house

An Indiana teenager was sentenced to 65 years in prison Monday for shooting a flare gun into a home that killed three in the resulting fire.

Cody Cashion, 19, received the maximum sentence Monday after he pleaded guilty to three counts of murder. On Jan. 4, he shot a flare into a house to get back at a man who had allegedly robbed him that ultimately caused a fire.

“There’s not excuse for what I did,” Cashion said. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

While the man wasn’t home, a mother and her four children were. The fire killed 2-year-old Trinity Hughes, 4-year-old Tyrese Hughes and 6-year-old Tai’zah Hughes and seriously injured their sister, 5-year-old Taty’ana Hughes. The mother, Theresa Hughes, also survived the fire.

Kylie Jenks, 19, and Shelby Makowsky, 18, were both with Cashion at the time of the flare gun shooting, also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit arson.

The earliest Cashion can be legally released from prison will be 2046. While in court, he apologized for his crimes.

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