Actor Orlando Jones addresses militarized police, Ferguson in 'Bullet Bucket Challenge' (VIDEO)

While participating in his own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the “Bullet Bucket Challenge,” comedian and actor Orlando Jones pours a bucket of bullets over his head to raise awareness of relatively dormant issues around the country that have come alive in Ferguson, Missouri.

“This past week I’ve watched an American city become something akin to a war zone. And, what’s happening in Ferguson looks like a copycat because we’ve seen it happen in so many cities around the world,” Jones said in the video, and likens what’s happening in Ferguson is clash of modern police procedures, or lack there of, with unresolved, decades-old societal issues.

“I wanted to do what ALS did, co-opt a viral thing and make it my own, to talk about the insanity happening in Ferguson and just around the world. My parents are like, ‘It’s the ’60s again,'” Jones told

“Those shell casings in my video represent the people who paid the ultimate cost for the freedoms we have today,” Jones added. “I couldn’t find enough bullets to dump on myself to illustrate the number of people who gave their lives for a very important ideal.”

“I just don’t feel comfortable being silent while people’s rights are being trampled on. I believe the Civil Rights movement was a human rights movement, and looking back, I think it was a mistake to confine that discussion to this nation. Everyone has rights, regardless of what patch of grass they live on,” he said.

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