Fashion model takes bullet to butt in Chris Brown night club shooting (Photos)


Model Megan Hawkins in the hospital after her “ass took a 9mm.”

Shots rang out during a pre-MTV Video Music Awards party hosted by artist Chris Brown this past weekend, striking three people.

While Brown is rumored to have been the intended target (along with Justin Bieber), music mogul Suge Knight was shot six times.

Knight, who also suffered a gunshot wound at Kayne West’s VMA party in 2008, was reportedly released from the ICU of a West Hollywood hospital, TMZ reported.

Two other individuals were wounded in the night club shooting, one being model Megan Hawkins who was grazed by a round in her buttocks.

While recovering in the hospital, Hawkins posted the following photos with the caption, “my ass took a 9mm and I’m keeping it as a souvenir.”

A suspect has been apprehended in connection to the shooting, but authorities are currently withholding their identity.

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