Victim crosses path with criminal shopping, gets him arrested (VIDEO)

Earlier this week one of the victims of a Houston-area armed robbery spotted the very same suspect at a local Academy Sports and Outdoors store purchasing ammo. The victim was one of many as the suspect has a history of targeting smoke shops.

The victim alerted an off-duty police officer and the suspect, Sergio Gil, 22, was arrested. Gil confessed to a series of robberies including one that ended in murder. Over the weekend, Gil shot and killed another local shop owner Zaiuddien Khan. Kahn was 44.

The victim, a store clerk who asked to remain anonymous, described the event to the Houston ABC affiliate.

“He starts demanding all the cash, telling us he’s going to kill us if we don’t give him the video because he doesn’t want his face shown,” she said.

“I literally blacked out for about five seconds and realized it was serious,” the clerk explained. “I thought he was trying to scare us until he started shooting.

“He sees me pull the store gun from the register and tries to shoot back and the gun he was using he didn’t know how to use. It jammed up and bullets started falling out and he ran out of the store.”

As Gil was being arrested, he recognized the victim.

“The first thing he said when the cop arrested him,” she said, “he looked me in the eyes and said, ‘I should have killed you when I had the chance.'”

“I guess he wanted us to feel guilty we turned him in, saying he needed the money to feed his kids. But he killed somebody who has kids.”

[ ABC 13 ]

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