Remington partners with Pelican for custom cases

Remington Pelican case

A Remington sniper rifle fitted inside a Pelican case. (Photo: Sniper Central)

Remington Outdoor Company has partnered with Pelican Products, Inc. to create custom gun and accessory cases, and other outdoor gear as well.

Pelican is headquartered in California, but it’s nationally and globally known company. While it’s best known in the gun world for its hard plastic cases with foam inserts, it specializes in cases and luggage for an assortment of items, and lights.

“When you bring Pelican Products and the Remington Outdoor Company together the consumer wins with the best of both worlds — legendarily tough protection for advanced weaponry and accessories,” said Lyndon Faulkner, Pelican’s president and CEO.

“Remington is a symbol of a larger culture that extends beyond firearms and ammunition to the entire outdoor lifestyle; it is an integral piece of our American heritage, and we’re proud to be partnering with a global powerhouse like Pelican,” said George Kollitides, Remington’s chairman and CEO.

Although there are no mock ups of the Remington branded Pelican products, Remington said the custom gun cases will be available in the Fourth Quarter of 2014.

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