Detroit homeowner sentenced in porch shooting death; 'I am truly sorry' (VIDEO)

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Ted Wafer, the Detroit homeowner on trial for the fatal porch shooting of Ranisha McBride in November, was sentenced to a minimum of 17 years in prison Wednesday morning.

McBride showed up at Wafer’s home, banging on his door, after she had apparently wrecked her car nearby following a night of drinking and smoking pot. The prosecution claimed Wafer pulled the trigger after racially profiling McBride, but the defense said Wafer shot in self-defense, fearing he was the target for a home invasion.

With his head hung low, Wafer apologized to his family, his friends and to McBride, who he admitted was too young to have her life taken, a Fox affiliate reported.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” Wafer said in a statement. “I am truly sorry for your loss.”

Wafer initially faced up to life in prison. He must now serve a concurrent sentence of seven to 15 years for manslaughter and 15 to 30 years for second-degree murder, as well as a mandatory two-year sentence for felony weapon charges.

Before revealing Wafer’s sentence, Judge Dana Hathaway stated it was the “saddest case” she had ever had.

“One life is lost and another is ruined,” Hathaway said.

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