The Spear Mag: an experiment (VIDEO)

Demolition Ranch tests out a beefed-up version of the widely-panned Bow Mag with the Spear Mag, a spear with a loaded Glock barrel instead of a spearhead.

It’s pretty clear that the case pops out of battery so fast that it can’t be bothered to stop for a measly broom handle. If he ever manages to find it I’m sure the bulge would be pretty pronounced if it even stayed intact.

I’m not sure any variation of the Bow Mag can ever work very well. It’s the physics.

All of these systems use the impact as the trigger which means that the “gun” is stopped or nearly stopped by the time the cartridge fires. This means the energy behind the bullet is halved, with half of the energy from the burning powder being used to propel the projectile and the other half used to turn the delivery system into a projectile.

Inside the range that bows and spears are effective in there’s no way that a bullet would lose half its muzzle velocity — making this whole concept less effective than any real firearm, not to mention, harder to use.

And that doesn’t take into account the fact that none of these systems has ever really functioned correctly in the first place.

Of course, none of this applies to Bow Mags or other bullet-tipped primitive weaponry if G2 RIP bullets get used. That combination is so powerful it can rip holes in time. Get enough of that stuff in one place and you can travel backwards, murder Hitler, stop John Hinckley Jr. before he shot James Brady and have enough time left over to buy some stock in Apple.

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