Cali. Cops roll out spike strips to stop wheelchair-bound suspect (VIDEO)

More than a dozen police officers including a K9 unit and a police helicopter were called on to stop a suspected armed robber in San Diego, Cali. earlier this week. The suspect was in a wheelchair.

The man, in his handicap-tagged van led a police chase through Chula Vista and ended outside the San Diego police headquarters where they layed out spike strips to disable the suspect’s vehicle.

He is accused of robbing a local Kmart. When an employee caught him stealing goods from the store he apparently drew a handgun and fled.

The police were notified and followed him on the road an in the air until they were able to lay out a series of spike strips to stop the suspect.

After rolling over the spike strips, the suspect’s van came to a halt in the San Diego police headquarters’ parking lot.

The suspect did not comply with the police after exiting his van, which is when they called in a K9 unit to make the arrest. He was taken into custody and it’s not clear if the man was aware of where he was going.

Police reports indicate he was armed with two handguns, according to CBS8.

[San Diego Union-Tribune]

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