Hangar full of Black Hawks gets foamed (VIDEO)

blackhawks foamed

blackhawks foamed (2)

Tulsa’s Army National Guard Black Hawks got foamed during a maintenance cycle last week when something set off the hangar’s fire suppression system.

All 11 of the Guard’s Black Hawks got foamed to a greater or lesser degree but have since been cleared for service.

“It’s hard to get to the shut off valve when you have 15 feet of foam in the hangar. Imagine being in the middle of the foam and trying to find your way around. It’s like being in a fog bank without being able to see in front of you,” said Will Kavanagh to News on 6 in Tulsa. Kavanagh is one of the Black Hawk pilots serving at the base.

“All these things are very sealed and meant for harsh environments. Be it hot or cold temperatures, wind, dust and even water,” he said.

While it shouldn’t have happened in the first place they’re treating the incident as an ad-hoc training drill..

“It’s a cool thing to see and it’s really good to see how effective and how much volume is put out so quickly,” said Kavanagh.

After the hangar filled to its limit the foam spilled out onto the ramp where it was caught by a dust devil.

Well, a foam devil, anyway. No one was hurt in the process.

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blackhawks foamed (4)

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