Widow of slain police officer to sue gun dealer (VIDEO)

The widow of a Plymouth Township police officer has filed suit against a Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania gun dealer for selling the gun that was used by a third party to kill her husband.

Michael Henry, who committed the straw purchase, has already pleaded guilty and received a 20-year minimum sentence and faces up to 66 years in prison. The shooter, Andrew Thomas, killed himself in the pursuit after the shooting.

With no one else to admonish, the widow, Lynsay Fox, is teaming with the Brady Campaign to sue the local gun dealer for selling the gun used in the crime.

“Most gun dealers are responsible business people, but unfortunately a few bad apples endanger our communities by putting profits over the lives of people, and choosing to supply the criminal gun market,” said Jonathan Lowy, a Brady Center director and Fox’s co-counsel. “’Bad apple’ gun dealers must be held accountable for their irresponsible sales practices in order to make our communities safer,” Lowy said.

“I couldn’t believe what had happened to me and my family. Then I learned about how the killer got his gun. I can’t stand the thought that the person who bought the gun that killed my husband was able to purchase 9 guns total in about 14 weeks—6 of those guns from the store that sold the gun used to kill Brad. The other 8 guns have never been recovered and I can’t bear to think about what those guns are being used for and the other families that may be suffering like mine,” said Fox to NBC10 of Philadelphia.

Although the team is calling the dealer a “bad apple,” pursuant to the group’s latest campaign, there is no reason to believe that the gun dealer broke any laws at this point.

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