Ohio school shooter escapes state prison over night, captured next morning (VIDEO)

A teenager convicted of killing three students at an Ohio high school scaled a prison fence with two other inmates last night only to be picked up this morning.

Authorities caught T.J. Lane, 19, about 100 yards from the prison around 1:20 a.m. The second prisoner was caught almost immediately after escaping last night, and the third was found a few hours after Lane, the Associated Press reported.

The three escaped from Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution, a minimum and medium security prison.

Lane’s escape rattled the community of Chardon, located about 200 miles east of the prison. After the February 2012 shooting that left three dead and two wounded, Lane’s infamy grew in the courtroom. During his sentencing hearing, he unbuttoned his dress shirt and revealed a T-shirt with “killer” scrawled across the chest — similar to what he wore during the shooting. He cursed at the families of his victims and flipped off the court when the judge gave him three consecutive life sentences.

Police officers were sent to guard the homes of the families of Lane’s victims upon hearing of the escape. Additionally, school officials in the area cancelled classes Friday as well.

Asked why Lane, a convicted killer, was not at a more secure prison, warden Kevin Jones said: “That will be something we’ll have to sit down and look at.”

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