Mystery men raid grow-ops by helicopter in California (VIDEO)

Mendocino County residents say they have witnessed men wearing camo fast-line into their marijuana farms this summer to sabotage their crops then fly away. There have been dozens of these reports in recent months.

Residents say their crops comply with local legislation including the farm maintained by local Susan Schindler, who said her property was within the limit of no more than 25 plants per parcel of land.

Locals have pointed the finger at Lear Asset Management, a private security firm that claims to have worked with local police on such operations. These raids were not conducted in the manner of police raids.

“There was no paperwork, no copies of any warrants they didn’t leave any inventory of what they took,” said Schindler, as the police are required to do.

Schindler added that her plants didn’t even have any street value, that they were medicinal, not recreational plants. “The irony is that this whole garden that was destroyed was not a garden that would get you high.”

According to SF Weekly, spokespeople for the DEA, U.S. Forest Service, California Department of Justice and the Mendocino Sheriff’s department have all denied involvement.

Sheriff Tom Allman said “The sheriff’s department doesn’t hire any private security to go out and do our job,” and that while his deputes were in the area on that day conducting raids, they did not pay a visit to Schindler’s property.

[CBS San Francisco]

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