Grimes v. McConnell: Who's the straight shooter? (VIDEO)

In a local Kentucky race for state senatorship challenger Alison Grimes is running this ad to hit incumbent Mitch McConnell right in the breeches with the message that she is not a shill for the President, based on a photo of McConnell holding a muzzle loader over his head, in a way her supporters say is not correct.

“That’s not how you hold a gun.”

McConnell and his supporters were quick to respond with an ad of their own.

The question of whether or not indulging in a little clay-bustin’ is enough to sway gun owners is ripe for discussion. For gun owners who are single-issue voters, the issue isn’t about dusting clay pigeons. And as McConnell is quick to point out that doesn’t make Grimes look much different.

[The Washington Post]

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