Glock v. Dr. Wacko's Mad Lab Silly Sludge (VIDEO)

Mattv2099 is back with the Glock that can’t be killed and a few canisters of Dr. Wacko’s Mad Lab Silly Sludge to see what’s tougher: Austrian perfection or greenish, blackish goo. It’s either surprising or not surprising, depending on your opinion of Glocks.

What’s nice about this video is that he goes into why he picked Glock out of the many likely just as capable pistols on the market.

His argument boils down neatly:

  • Cheap
  • Long-ass Glockazines

So Glock fanboys and Glock haters, well, I guess nobody gets to be happy.

(Quiet you, Beretta fanboys.)

[MattV2099: Guns & Food]

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