Jetpack enables soldiers to sprint at Olympic speeds (VIDEO)

Researchers at Arizona State University with the help of DARPA are working on a new take on the science fiction-inspired jetpack. Unlike jetpacks of yesterday, this literally puts the wind at your back, enabling soldiers to run faster than ever before, sprinting at Olympic speeds.

“If you think of a Navy SEAL or an Army soldier that has to get in somewhere quick and do whatever they’ve gotta do, but maybe get out of there just as quickly, so these devices can really help soldiers to not only accomplish their goals and succeed in their missions, but potentially save human lives as well,” said ASU student Jason Kerestes.

Do you think steps like these will materialize in “future soldier” projects? And how much do you want a jetpack right this freakin’ minute, right?

The jetpack part of the larger ASU Research Matters project.

[Business Insider via Predator Intelligence/Facebook]

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